About the Supertramps

Supertramp: A tribute to Alexander Supertramp, the main character in the novel “Into the Wild,” a supertramp is someone with the desire to explore new places by foot, car, plane or, as in our case, by bicycle!

Embrace adventure. Live simply. Cycle the globe.


ALLISON / The Lady Cyclist

I am a 27 year old girl, born and raised on the coast of California. I’m in love with the outdoors, with the woods and dirt and the animals that live there. To be truthful, cycling is a part of this love that I have only discovered recently, as I used to be much more interested in backpacking, hiking, camping and things of that nature. But with cycling, you can cover vast distances and still have such a memorable, sensory experience with the land and the critters and the people you pass by; Bike touring has been an easy hobby to fall in love with.

As I sit here contemplating the “why” behind my decision to head out on this epic South American cycling adventure, I can only explain that at this point in my existence I have realized life is about creating amazing experiences for yourself. It’s about being free and breathing deep and appreciating the smallest of things. After working within the corporate structure for years, it dawned on me that the amount of money you make cannot make you happy. Grinding months (even years) on end waiting patiently for a week long vacation that will fly by all too quickly can’t possibly be the only way to live. So I have set myself free, for better or worse, to enjoy the moment, my health and capture all the universe has to offer in travel and adventure.

Other things that I love in life include yoga, running, enjoying a cold beer, San Francisco Giants baseball and most importantly, my dogchild Jackson. He is a wonderful, goofy little creature that has been constantly by my side for this past four years, and I will miss him dearly. Luckily, I know he is in the best hands possible with my amazing parents 🙂

I’ve traveled all over Europe and lived in Nicosia, Cyprus. My degree is in International Relations (I really, really love the intricacies of global affairs) and part of the reason for this trip is to hone our ability to speak Spanish.

So there you have it! Just a California girl in love with living, ready to cycle South America. Cheers, amigos!



DEVIN / “The Dude”

I am 22 years old, born in Sacramento, CA and raised in Bakersfield, CA. I have finished the first phase of my college education by completing my Associates Degree in Santa Barbara. While I am eager to continue my education, I am not quite ready to commit myself to a college education debt. I have decided to take the next couple of months off, travel South America on my bike, and centralize my thoughts on what degree I would like to invest my money in for my education and future.

My hobbies include just about anything outdoors, even if I am not experienced in it, I’ll giving everything a shot! My main hobbies include hiking, biking, camping, snowboarding, fishing, swimming, free-diving, spearfishing, and I absolutely LOVE soccer (futbol!!).


2 thoughts on “About the Supertramps

  1. Hi Allison and Devin!

    My name is Susan Xu and I am the content manager and chief writer at Clapway, a New York based multi-platform company that houses an extensive collection of articles, videos, and marketplace services with a focus on adventure and travel. I came across your blog and really enjoyed your posts. Would you both potentially be interested in writing for Clapway as contributors on topics related to travel? If so, please email me back at content [at] clapway [dot] com. We would love to feature your work.


    Susan Xu
    Content Manager at Clapway
    195 Plymouth St #6/17
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

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