Get Involved in Our Journey

Show us some love!


Support your favorite little Supertramps!

We will be on the road living a very modest life for the duration of our journey. While we have worked our tooshies off saving up for this adventure of a lifetime, we endlessly appreciate your support. Keep in mind that things are much less expensive in South America, so even $10 has the potential to support us with food or a campsite for a few days!


We have created an account at GoFundMe.Com so it quick and easy for you to support us throughout our journey.

Click here to securely donate via GoFundMe.Com

If you show us some extra love, we have come up with few ways for us to thank you for your generosity!

Bronze Level – $15.00 – You will be included in a weekly newsletter update (via Email) with photos and quick updates on how our journey is progressing. This is obviously subject to WiFi availability, but we will do our very best to keep you updated on where your favorite Supertramps are and what they are up to!

Silver Level – $20.00 – We will create a sticker of your name or a word of your choice – preferably inspirational 😉 – which we will attach to one of our bikes, so you can “ride” along with us on our journey. We’ll update photos of our bikes as we go along so you can see where “you” have ended up on our trusty vehicles.

Gold Level – $40 – We will create a sticker of a phrase or quote (5 words maximum please!) so you can continue to inspire, motivate, love and laugh with us as we drop off the grid and ride into the sunset!

Platinum Level – $100 – Devin, our incredibly talent videographer, will be creating a summarizing video of our journey upon our return. Although you’ll have to wait patiently for this reward, in the end you will receive a super rad synapse version of the best (and maybe toughest) moments of our South American journey. We will send you a DVD of the adventure, a few prints of our best pics and a personalized huge THANK YOU for believing in us and showing us so much support.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:


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